A Little Bit of Heaven

11321 South Wentworth
Chicago, IL 60628

Phn: (773) 264-5332           Fax: (773) 264-5878

      Sheila Braxton 
      Executive CEO 


Sheila Braxton is a graduate with honors of Kennedy-King College receiving an Associates Degree in Education with a minor in Psychology. She is also a graduate from Chicago State University with an Associates Degree in Business Management. Ms. Braxton has brought her business savvy and innovative mind to A Little Bit of Heaven in 2000 to continue to prevail over the growing problem of homelessness. Ms. Sheila Braxton received an award in Outstanding Services in the Community “The Unsung Heroine Award” in 2004, Chicago Department of Human Services certification for the ServicePoint HMIS (Homeless Management Information System), Food Handling Sanitation recertification in 2008 from Truman College. Ms. Braxton is also a Notary Public for the State of Illinois. In the year of 2002, Ms. Braxton became a member of Black on Black Love Organization under Mrs. Francis Wright (President) and Mr. Spencer Leak (Chairman of Board).


2014 34th Ward Alderwoman Carrie Austin Invaluable Service In The Community Recognition
2014 Recognition for Outstanding Community Service from Ms. Teresa Mastin, PhD. Professor of DePaul University
2013 Chicago Tribune Remarkable Woman
2013 Channel 26 WCIU (the U) Interviewee
2010 The Keepers of the Flame Award
2010 The Most Influential Black Women Award
2006 Certificate of Completion ECM-Homeless Management Information System
2004 Judy Barr-Topinka Recognition Outstanding
2003 Food Handling Certification
2002 and 2003 Unsung Heroin Award Mitsubishi Motors USA Foundation

Chaplain and Choir Member
Black on Black Love Inspirational Choir

Laura Braxton Founder- Heavenly President

Laura Braxton has cared for the less fortunate as well as the mentally challenged since 1972. As founder of a residential care program from 1972–2000, she developed and managed a home setting for the less fortunate, with accolades from Mayor Richard J. Daley for her dedication to the community as well as the Department of Human Services receiving an award for Crisis Intervention for the homeless in 1980. Ms Braxton is a graduate of Jones Business College majoring in business. Ms. Laura Braxton’s vision was to help as many people as she could, providing housing, food, clothing and social services with the support of her family. In 2000, Ms. Braxton acquired the property located at 11321 South Wentworth Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60628, which is an 80-room facility. She felt this was the location that would better house those in need, little did she know she would need much, much more. Ms. Braxton decided to name the property “A Little Bit of Heaven” due to her strong belief that the love of God will always shine on everyone. In 2001, Ms. Braxton was awarded a 40-bed contract with the City of Chicago under the auspices of InnerVoice Inc. She has since elevated to a 50 plus beds contract providing nutritionally balanced meals, clothing, personal hygiene items, etc. Ms. Braxton has received awards for Outstanding Services in the Community “The Unsung Heroine Award” in 2004, Greater Zion Temple Church Volunteer Award in 1978 and Food Handling Sanitation in 2000.

Today, A Little Bit of Heaven is Guided with the Heavenly hands of the Founder, who left us with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. A Little Bit of Heaven is Blessed to open Heaven's Highway for those men most in need.